I am W. Scott Howard, and I am running for U.S. House of Representatives District 1. 

As a Libertarian, I respect your choice about how you want to live and work. Liberty is a fundamental, uniquely American right that should not be limited or taken from us.

I am running for Congress because the two-party system is dividing our country.  Politicians are polarizing issues that are too important be politicized.  I am also tired of career politicians and the voice of smaller communities, such as ours, getting drowned out by urban enclaves.

My top three priorities are:

  1. Work towards an amendment for Term Limits for congress by any means necessary.
  2. Fight to remove legislation that infringes on our citizen's gun rights.
  3. Removing unnecessary government.  



When groups send me a questionnaire I will post my responses here.





I have not, nor will I ever approve of any message that is intended to cast a negative light on any other candidate. Putting someone else down to make yourself look better is not a good way to promote oneself. If you see anything negative toward any of my fellow candidates, it was not from me, or my committee.

I will not run for more terms that I have suggested for any office.

I will carry at every speaking event I attend during my campaign and I invite anyone to lawfully carry as well.  If a venue does not allow firearms, I will not select it to host events.


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