Term Limits

I fully support term limits and if elected I will make it my top priority to make sure Congress is accountable to them.  Many Idaho residents I have spoken to are tired of career politicians.  Those that stay in office as long as they can are doing so to either reap the perks, or to fight the other side.  But the same people all the time means no growth, no new ideas, and our country is stuck in the same rut year after year.  It is time to limit the duration of power our Congress has, after all, aren't they supposed to be working for US? 


I propose the following term limits to Congress.  Using the 22nd Amendment as an example.

  • House of Representatives
    • should be limited to 9 Years max
    • that would allow for 4 normal elections
    • and up to half of the previous Representative's term should they leave office prior to the end of their term.
  • Senate
    • should be limited to 15 Years Max
    • that is 2 normal elected terms
    • and up to half of the previous Senators term should they leave office prior to the end of their term.

I pledge to you that I will not run for office more than the number of terms listed above even if term limits are not enforced while I am in office.